In January 1903, Fr. Filas applied for a homestead in the Beaver Lake settlement, with additional quarters taken in the names of Fr. Strotsky and Bro. Yanishewsky. This was the foundation for the Basilian mission. With the help of the Ukrainian pioneers, Fr. Filas built a combined chapel–residence, and later a school in May 1904. The monastery chapel was one of the first specifically denominational churches in the area. 

The earliest chronicles from the Basilian mission document the response of the local community to the growing religious organization. Between November 1902 and December 1903 alone, the Basilian Fathers performed 307 baptisms. In another entry, Fr. Naucratius Kryzanowsky, OSBM (1876–1940) noted that in 1921, he heard 3,134 confessions.

From their base at the Beaver Lake mission, the Basilian Fathers served throughout east central Alberta. The earliest parishes established in the area were: Star, St. Michael, Skaro (1898); Wostok (1902); New Kiew (1903); Plain Lake (1905); Derwent, Smoky Lake (1907); Myrnam (1909); and Innisfree, Northern Valley, Radway, Stry (1910). Before dedicated church buildings could be constructed within these parishes, the priests relied on the pioneer families to provide them with lodging as well as a place from which to conduct services. The Basilian chronicles identify the following families: Kalinchuk (Borschiw); Nay and Seniuk (Hilliard), Eleniak (Chipman), Starko (Star), Tychkowsky (Peno), Lesiuk (Mundare), Svarich (Vegreville), Predyk (Plain Lake),    

Following his arrival in 1905, Fr. Athanasius Fylypiw, OSBM (1870–1937) further solidified religious life at the Beaver Lake mission: he initiated May Devotions, organized the Apostleship of Prayer, and constructed a bell tower which also served as a chapel during the summer months.